books in english september 2020 selection

Falastin / Sami Tamimi
Flavour / Yotam Ottolenghi
Greenery / Tim Dee
Owls of the Eastern ice / Jonathan C. Slaght
fathoms / rebecca giggs
The old ways / Robert Macfarlane
Horizon / Barry Lopez
Manifestly Haraway / Donna Haraway
The Great Derangement / Amitav Ghosh

Lost in thought \ Zena Hitz
These truths \ Jill Lepore
The Celestial Hunter \ Roberto Calasso
The autobiography of Alice B. Toklas / Gertrude Stein
(illustrated by maria kalman)
Austen years / Rachel Cohen
To the lake / Kapka Kassabova
Motherwell / Deborah Orr
Bad isalnd / Stanley Donwood
writers and lovers / Lily King
22 minutes of unconditional love / Daphne Merkin

The city and the house \ Natalia Ginzburg
Garden by the sea \ Merce Rodoreada
War, so much war \ Merce Rodoreada
The wondrous and tragic life of Ivan and Ivana \ Maryse Conde
Inland \ Tea Obreht
My year of rest and relaxation \ Ottessa Moshfegh
Death in her hands \ Ottessa Moshfegh
Pew \ Catherine Lacy

The Hindus \ Wendy Doniger
Nine lives \ William Dalrymple
The colonizer and colonized \ Albert Memmi
Autumn light \ Pico Iyer
Impostures \ Al - HarIri
Angels & saints \ Eliot Weinberger
the museum of whales you will never see / a kendra greene
Until the Lions \ Karthika Nair

The fall of Imam \ Nawel El Saadawi
Two women in one \ Nawel El Saadawi
Memoris of a women doctor \ Nawel El Saadawi
return of the spirit / tawfiq al-hakim
I will never see the world again \ Ahmet Altan
My part of her \ Javad Djavahery
10 minutes 38 seconds in this strange world \ Elif Shafak

the age of survailance capitalism / shoshana zuboff
The Europeans / Orladno Fiegs
Learning from the Germans / Susan Neiman
This is going to hurt / Adam Kay
When breath becomes air / Paul Kalanithi
The library Book / Susan Orlean
Forgotten b*st*rds of the eastern front / Serhii Plokhy
The second mountain / David Brooks
The boundless sea / David Abulafia

Ask again, yes / Mary Beth Keane
The glass hotel / Emily St. John Mandel
The pull of the stars / Emma Donoghue
Utopia avenue / David Mitchell
Apeirogon / Colum McCann
Love in Colour / bolu babalola

My sister, the serial killer \ Oyinkan Braithwaite
The eight mountains \ Paolo Cognetti
Small Country \ Gael Faye
Strange weather in Tokyo \ Hiromi Kawakami
Convenience store women \ Sayaka Murata
The pine Islands \ Marion Poschmann
The convert \ Stefan Hertmans

the dairy restaurant / ben katchor
the ratline / philippe sands
the gunzburgs / lorraine de meaux
the outsiders / philipp ther
faster / neal bascomb
inky fingers / anthony grafton
design of childhood / alexandra lange
life lessons from a brain surgeon / rahul jandial

Recollections of my non-existence \ Rebecca Solnit
Surviving autocracy \ Masha Gessen
The force of nonviolence \ Judith Butler
Twilight of democracy \ Anne Applebaum
Essential essays \ Adrienne Rich
German, Jew, Muslim, Gay \ Marc David Baer
Female Husbands \ Jen Manion
Bunk \ Kevin Young

second hand time / svetlana alexievich
the house of twenty thousand books / sasha abramsky
lost in translation / eva hoffman
returning to reims / didier eribon
on chapel sands / laura cumming
men we reaped / jesmyn ward
king leopold's ghost / adam hochschild
the new jim crow / michelle alexander

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