books in english july 2020 selection

Underland / robert macfarlane
the old ways / robert macfarlane
kafkas last trial / benjamin balint
jerusalem city of the book / merav mack & benjamin balint
fruit of the sands / robert spengler
venus & aphrodite / bethany hughes

Sabrina / Nick Drnso
My favorite things / maira Kalman

The Arabian Nights

A history of pictures / David Hockney & Martin Gayford
beyond aesthetics /wole soyinka
what is africa to me? / maryse conde
wonder beyond belief / navid kermani
evolutions / oren harman
when christians were jews / paula fredriksen
where the jews aren't / masha gessen
open letters / vaclav havel

A month in siena / hisham matar
weather / jenny offill
strange hotel / eimear mcbride
my parents + this does not belong to you / aleksandar hemon
in the dream house / carmen maria machado
the problem with everything / meghan daum

Bastard out of Carolina / Dorothy Allison
The end of days / Jenny Erpenbeck
Blood and guts in high school / Kathy Acker
Bad behavior / Mary Gaitskill
Malina / Ingeborg Bachmann
The Cheffe / Marie Ndiaye

The master and Margarita / Mikhail Bulgakov
The other name / Jon Fosse
Labyrinths / Jorge Luis Borges
Species of spaces and other pieces / Perec
A king alone / Jean Giono
The Sleep of the righteous / Wolfgang Hilbig
The forty days of Musa Dagh / Franz Werfel
On Heroes and tombs / Ernesto Sabato

Why be happy when you could be normal? / Jeanette Winterson
Being mortal / Atul Gawande
Barbarian days a surfing life / Willian Finnegan
Border / Kapka Kassabova
In the darkroom / Susan Faludi
Notes to self / Emilie Pine
Animals strike curious poses / Elena Passarello

Discourses and selected writings / Epictetus
The art of Happiness / Epicurus
On living and dying well / Cicero
Ibn Fadlan and the land of darkness / Ibn Fadlan
The book of contemplation / Usama Ibn Munqidh
The ulitimate ambition in the arts of erudition / Shihab Al-din Al-nuwayri

the man with the compound eyes / wu ming yi
woman of the ashes / mia couto
stories from the city of god / pasolini
corregidora / gayl jones
the cheffe / marie ndiaye
sentence to hope / sadallah wannous
the complete cosmicomics / calvino

Down and out in Paris / George Orwell
The book of disquiet / Frenando Pessoa
A short history of decay / E.M Cioran
Is god happy? Lezek Kotakowski
on the natural history of destruction / W.G Sebald
To begin where i am / Czeslaw Milosz
Believe in people / Karl Capek
Christ stopped at Eboli / Carlo Levi
Think, write, speak / Vladimir Nabokov

The rebel / Albert Camus
The system of objects / Jean Baudrillard
Essays in Understanding / Hanna Arendt
Being and Time / Martin Heidegger
Existentialists and mystics / Iris Murdoch
Hatred and forgiveness / Julia Kristeva
Truth and method / Hans - Gerorg Gadamer

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