Publications of IBIS Editions

Ibis Editions is a small press fonded in Jerusalem in 1998 and dedicated to the publication of Levant-related books of poetry, prose and drama. The press publishes translations from Hebrew, Arabic, French, and the other languages of the region, as well as work originally written in English.

Books by Ibis Editions:

Gershom Scholem \ The Fullness of Time : poems [trans. Richard Sieburth] - 65 nis

Sasson Somekh \ Baghdad, Yesterday; the making of an Arab Jew - 75 nis

Emile Habiby \ Saraya, the Ogre's Daughter; a palestinian fairy tale [trans. Peter Theroux] - 75 nis

Esther Raab \ Thistles : selected poems [trans. Harold Schimmel] - 65 nis

Denis Silk \ Costigan - 35 nis

Denis Silk \ Life isn't all Bike-Clips - 35 nis

Ahmed Rassim \ The Little Bookseller Oustaz Ali [trans. Gabriel Levin] - 35 nis

Harold Schimmel \ From Island to Island [trans. Peter Cole] - 35 nis

Yehuda Ha'Levy \ On the Sea [trans. Gabriel Levin]

Gabriel Levin \ Hezekia's Tunnel

Avraham Ben-Yitzhak \ The Collected Poems [trans. Peter Cole]

Michael Sells \ Stations of Desire; love elegies from Ibn 'Arabi, and new poems

Haim Nahman Bialik \ Revealment and Concealment: five essays

Harold Schimmel \ Quasida

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