Roberto Bolano – The Cross-Pollination of Literature and Life

ט אלול התש"ע 19.8.10

מפגש באנגלית עם מר אלישע מלרד סביב הסופר הצ'יליאני רוברטו בולניו. במהלך הערב עמד מר מלרד על ייחודה של הכתיבה הבולוניאנית, בהתייחסו לאחדות מיצירותיו - 2666, הבלשים הפראיים וכוכב רחוק.

Roberto Bolano - The Cross-Pollination of Literature and Life: The Redemption of Narcissism

The work of Roberto Bolano, combines elements of both pornography and religious pilgrimage. His quest to revisit and "correct" the past, of both his own personal misadventures and the 'miserable and misbegotten history of" Latin America take him to ends of literature. Armed with testimonies from his beloved "failed generation," Bolaño devoted himself to a search for the missing, …for the souls lost in Latin America's darkness: "I dreamed I was an old and sick detective who searched for people who had been lost for a long while. Sometimes I looked casually in the mirror and recognized Roberto Bolaño." (The Savage Detectives) Bolano redeems the narcissism of reading, of self-reflection, and desire itself.

Literature is the only available tool for the cognition of phenomena whose size otherwise numbs your senses and eludes human grasp. Joseph Brodsky

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